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Apr 27, 2011 at 02:04 PM

Automate BPC masterdata load from flat file



Developing a SSIS package to automate the following steps,

1. read flat file from server and load itnto a temparory table

2. read temporary table and write to dimension tables (mbr and dim)

I achieved step1 successfuly using Flat File Connection, OLEDB Connection tasks and the temp table is loaded with data from flat file.

for step2 i added MakeDim control flow and i have two issues below,

Issue1. It is overwritting the mbrtable by removing all existing records instead how to just append to it

Issue2. After the mbrtable is updated the task FAILS for some reason, i am not sure why.

is it because the dimenion i am updating is not part of any applications in the appset ?

any best practise doc available on this pls share across.