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Apr 27, 2011 at 11:47 AM

Re: Cancelling of approval in standard SAP release strategy.


Hello All,

At present the release strategy used by our client has the standard SAP strategy. The release strategy works fine for the approval part. The issue lies with withdrawal of approval.

At present when a lower level approver withdraws his approval, higher level approvals are withdrawn automatically. Our client requires that when a higher level approver has approved the doc, the lower level approver ( who has already approved the doc) should not be able to withdraw it.

i have looked around on SAP but i don't believe that standard SAP allows for a strategy for withdrawal of release. I believe this is a common requirement for many businesses. Could you please show me how to go about this. Should it be done through customizing. We do have a workflow in place.

If your business had the same requirement, how did you configure.

Thanks for reading this.


Soumyadeep Paul