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Apr 27, 2011 at 01:44 AM

External requirement from non SAP system created in SRM 7.0 Extended Classi


Hello SRM Gurus:

Has anyone created an external requirement using XI ExternalRequirement_Create_In ( We are getting a E001 "No company code could be determined for backend for product##". I traced the error to FM 'BAPI_SCEC_CREATE' in class "CL_BBPX_EXTERNAL_REQUIREMENT". What I found is that it check the attributes for BUK and updates a table with the backend EEC system. Then it checks if any of the entries match our external non SAP system in our external requirement and since it is a non SAP system none do. Then it sets a return error code.

I configured our non SAP system in the SLD and in SPRO under "Define System Landscape" as a non SAP system.

We are running external classic scenario. We just want to created a shopping cart from an external non SAP system. Source the shopping cart in SRM and create the PO in SRM/ECC. We are not using a product master but creating "describe requirement" in our external system. Our product categories are replicated from ECC and the same codes used in our external non SAP planning system.

If I change the external planning system to the ECC backend system, the external requirement is created in SRM but when I source it and convert it to a PO, it returns a backend error that the external requirement number does not exist in ECC. Therefore it appears all of our data from our external system is correct with the exception of how to deternine the backend company code

According to SAP this should be possible using XI.

Has anyone been successful doing this or can you please advise any OSS notes or documentation explaining how to do this. Please advise if you need additikonal info.

Thanks in advance.