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Apr 26, 2011 at 09:50 PM




I have a product which has lower storage costs defined in PLANT 1 (P1) than PLANT 2(P2) and the procurement type is E in P1 and F in P2

But when OPT is running, it is generating STR's from P1 to P2. Ideally it should have generated the STR's from P2 to P1 taking costs into consideration (the user confirms that the STR's have not been created manually. They are created by the OPT only)

Can any one kindly tell me me why this behaviour has changed. Becasue of the , the stock is getting directed to unwanted locatons

The other differences I see are in P1, there is a SNP PRDN hor OF 2 WEEKS maintained

Safety day's supply of 8 and 6 maintained in P1 and P2 respectively

All other OPT par for the product in both the plants are the same

Kindly suggest



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