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Apr 26, 2011 at 09:16 PM

Object not found error in Production envrionment after transports



We are on Netweaver PI 7.1 EHP 1 . We are experiencing objects (ESR) not found errors in

production environment. Objects are transported fron Dev->QA to

Production system

Problem Scenario is:

We have software commponent 'XYZ' which has a namespace

urn:nnn:xi:common:InterfaceA, within this namespace we

have defined mapping and interface objects.

Interface object cXML_PO_SYNCH_ABS, refers to a external definition type

from another software component version 'ABC'

After transporting above objects to Production, when tried to double

click on the request/response message of service interface cXML_PO_SYNCH_ABS, It gives Object not found error.

Please let us know what is causing this error. On the surface everything looks ok.

We do have dependencies between software components in SLD.

We have refreshed full CPA Cache, transported mulutiple times but error is same.. For some reason service interface not able to recognize the objects from other software component version.