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Apr 26, 2011 at 06:14 PM

Quantity Mismatched in Sales Order and it's corresponding Order's IDOC


Hi SAP experts,

In an ORDERS IDOC, conversion is done from EACH'S to CASES. ( INBOUND PROCESS, Message type - ORDERS, Basic type - ORDERS04 )

For e.g.: In a Sales Order, If 432 EACH'S are placed, it will be converted into 36 CASES in the IDOC (Here 1 Case = 12 Each's)

But in Sales Order it shows as 36 EACH'S (which is wrong) and In the IDOC it shows as 36 CASES (which is correct)

The Conversion has been done correctly from Each's to Cases. But don't know how this problem occurred for this document alone.

It should be 432 Each's in the Sales Order, Instead of 36 Each's...!!!

This problem is for only one Document number dated on ' 28th March 2011 '. It's working correctly again till date without any problem.

any idea to solve this single error guys?

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