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Oct 26, 2004 at 08:53 AM

Info: Installation Sequence in NW SP Stack05


Hi all,

some consultants asked me (through another channel) how the installation can be kept as short as possible.

Here an installation sequence i have tried successfully:

(1) OS: Solaris 8, JDK: 1.4.2_05

(2) Installation: WebAS 6.40 (J2EE) SP3

(3) Upgrade to: WebAS 6.40 (J2EE) SP4

(4) Installation: Portal EP 6.0 SP3

(5) Upgrade to: WebAS 6.40 (J2EE) SP8

(6) Upgrade to: Portal EP 6.0 SP7

(7) Installation: KM & Col. SP4

(8) Upgrade to: KM & Col. SP7

Compared with the installation sequence we had until now, you can save three major steps and of course much time!

Advantage also: NW SP Stack 05 of Portal platform is completed (do functionality checks, etc); Afterwards you proceed with KMC to the same NW SP Stack level.

Please note: I struggled with an upgrade to SP8 before Portal SP3 installation. This works actually not.

Hope that helps outthere. Please feel free to spend some points if you like. 😉

Thanks and best regards,