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Apr 26, 2011 at 11:41 AM

Purchase order release


Here, i have created 2 characteristics and a class in characteristics i have created,



Class PO_Release

I have assigned char to class

then i have created Release Grp, Code

In Release Strategy screen Release grp and Release code i have given.

while clicking on classification button system is asking for values for the characteristics

For Pur org i will give the purchase org code

for Net value i tried giving >1.00 but system throws the error


FRG_EKKO_GNETW does not allow interval values

Message no. C4005


Interval values are not allowed. Only absolute values can be entered.

When you maintain a characteristic, you use the Interval values allowed indicator to define whether you can assign intervals as values to the characteristic. This indicator is not selected for this characteristic.

Interval values are only allowed for multiple-value characteristics, because the system interprets intervals as a series of individual values - even if you have set this indicator in the characteristic.


If you want to use interval values for a multiple-value characteristic, select the indicator in the characteristic.*