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Time Evalution & PDC recalculation

Dear Experts!

I have to face an weird problem. My scenario is as below:

1. I create a new Time Type to calculate the working date of employee in every month. My time wage type will replace an existed wage type in system, because it's configuration is not correct.

2. After checking on Dev, QAS, the value of Earn Leave ( generated monthly) is CORRECT, we move this TR to PRD.

And after moving it to PRD, there are a lot of employee re-run PT60 from Go Live Date. I don't know why.

Could you please guide me the way to know which recalculation date in Time Evaluation, and How SAP decide the date to retro Time Evaluation in PT60? I just guess the field PDC recalculation in IT 3 ( I read F1 of this field), but now I'm mixed about this information.

And you know, because we change the Earned Leave in Time ( I run PT60) eg: Earned Leave for Feb-2010 will be modified, of course the value of Time Wage Type will be changed. The date Earliest MD change in IT3 is NOT Changed. But the Payroll for this guy is retro from Mar-2010.

Can you please help me clear the way to re-run Time Evaluation & Payroll.



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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Apr 26, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    1. Please ensure that your PT60 variant does not have any value in the forced recalulculation date field in the input screen;

    2. Please ensure that all errors generated during PT60 run have been rectified. It is probable that an error is encountered for the go-live date in the PT60 run and is ignored because it does not impact the process - but if this happens, then the recalculation date is not changed to latest date processed. You can check a report for time evaluation errors in transaction PT_ERL00 (I think).

    3. The earliest date of recalculation is stored in IT 0003 (PDC recalculation date) and in cluster table BEZUG. The dates should be almost identical - the IT 0003 date has the earliest start date and the BEZUG date is the last date calculated. You can see the cluster table BEZUG in transaction PT66 for a sample employee.

    The best method is to run evaluation for one employee with the log display activated - and go through the log line by line to identify any errors.

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    • 😔 Sorry 😔

      So now using T-Code PU00 to delete cluster B1. I think we have no option anymore 😔 With process

      1. Delete by PU00

      2. check cluster B1:

      PT_CLSTG1 - Display Group Incentive Wages (Cluster G1) => everything must be NULL

      3. Modify IF0003: input the correct date in 2 filed earliest personal re-calculation date and PDC recalculation.

      4. Run PT60

      Hope everything is fine 😊