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Oct 25, 2004 at 04:54 PM

3.0 Inbound ABAP Proxy not executing


I am attempting a simple SAP (IDoc) -> XI [WAS 6.4] -> SAP (ABAP Proxy)[WAS 6.2]. This proxy receives a couple key elements from the Idoc and writes them to an accessible directory on the recipient SAP machine. Here's what I have thusfar:

- ABAP Proxy generated successfully on recipent system. Independent test through sprx_test_inbound is successful and file is written as expected

- Test Idoc sent, received and processed through XI successfully (as seen in sxi_monitor) and also received successfully on recipient sap system (as seen on it's sxi_monitor - checkered flag)

- However, no file is written

I have checked the following:

- Related communication channel Message Protocol is "XI 2.0" given recipient SAP system is 6.2

- SICF on recipient SAP system shows services as active

I am unsure what to check next, and from reading the various docs I cannot determine any other requirements for ABAP proxy communication. Ideas?