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Apr 25, 2011 at 05:39 PM

MRP dont run just for 1 material


Hi gurus

I have this big problem, MRP "seems" to run but I dont get any MRP elements (planned orders) I have a lot of demand, and just a little stock, I can see how stock value goes negative in MD04 but if I run MRP either through MDBT; MD01, MD02 I'm not getting any planned order. there is no problem if I manually create a production order, but this is caising problems because all the materials to manufacture this finish goods are not being procured.

Material type is fert, BOM and routing are mantained, all mrp views are created, MRP type=PD, planning file entry is also well mantained I also ran MDAB and MDRE and no records were updated. I also don't think this could be a low level code error because these error are corrected by adding a material to the BOM then save and after save go to the BOM again and delete the material jus added, this will correct LL code problem (SAP OSS NOTE 544489)

This material was not the last created, it is like in the middle ie I have 100 materials, this is the number 50.

We just go live 2 weeks ago so I can´t say MRP ran well for this material before, but MRP is working fine for all other materials so far....

Any ideas on what can be causing this?