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Apr 25, 2011 at 02:58 PM

Missing formula in work center xxxxx


Hi people,

Could you help me please.

We are trying to execute CK11N for one material (Cost Estimate with quantity structure) and the system shows us the error messenger:

"Missing formula in work center MISTURA1"

"In routing or network 50084367, you have entered the standard value 002 for operation 0020. Operation 0020 is performed at work center MISTURA1.

Based on the formula in the work center and the standard value in the operation, the system computes how much activity is expected for the activity type. This activity is valuated on the basis of the activity prices in cost center accounting to calculate the planned costs for the operation.

In the case at hand you have not entered a formula in work center MISTURA1 or you have deleted the formula in work center MISTURA1"

Make sure that the formula you select contains parameters that take standard value 002 into account."

Dou you inform what are the steps we can have to follow?