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Apr 25, 2011 at 02:58 PM

Request number and Request ID reported, are not in the Manage Screen



I am analyzing data in a cube. Using a Listcube screen I was able to filter and Isolate the data that is causing me troubles. I look at the "Request Number" field, and found that all this data is within the same request: DTPR_4G38QEOHSX11H91LTOCC3FCKV.

then I got to the MANAGE Screen, to see where this request was loaded from (since the cube have several ODS as source), but I cannot find the request in the list.

I used a Query to see the data, And I can see the request ID: 339795. I go back to the MANAGE screen, looking for these number in the Request ID column (first column), but this number is not there!!. Is not even close: ID number goes from 598300 to 598360.

Any Idea how to find the proper Reuqest Number or Request ID, to check the MANAGE screen and see where this data is coming from?

thanks for the help.