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Apr 25, 2011 at 01:44 PM

Total Credit Limit exceeded, but orders are still credit approved



I'm encountering the following issue for one customer:

Total credit limit - $100,000

Individual limit - $80,000

The customer has two credit control areas. For credit control area 1 (CCA1):

Credit Limit - $80,000

Credit Exposure - $110,000 (i.e. credit exposure exceeds credit limit for not only CCA1, but for the entire customer credit limit)

For credit control area 2 (CCA2):

Credit Limit - $20,000

Credit Exposure - $10,000 (i.e. credit exposure does not exceeds credit limit for the CCA2, but entire credit limit is still exceeded)

When I enter a sales order in credit control area 2 for this customer, the credit status is approved, even though the total customer credit limit has been exceeded. I am wondering if this is standard SAP behavior. If so, what's the point of a total credit limit if it doesn't reject an order where the total credit exposure exceeds the total credit limit?

Risk category and all other config for the credit control areas match in OVA8. If this is standard behavior, or if there is a configuration element turned off that should be turned on, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you in advance.