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Apr 25, 2011 at 07:15 AM

Parallel loading in DTP



I have a doubt. I have 2 dso in the source and one infocube in the target. Now I have two different DTP o load data from two diff DSO to that infocube. Now my query is can I run both the DTP at the sametime as because each of DTP load is taking huge time and this is one time activity.

One more doubt if its possible to run both the dtp at the some time for infocube, does it true for DSO i.e i mean to say I m loading data to a particular DSO from two diff DSO.

My understanding is as I am loading data to a DSO/infocube that means to a particular table corresponding to that DSO/infocube so exclusive lock of that table is required. simultaneously two request can't take the exclusive lock of a table. Please correct me.

Thanks in advance