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Apr 24, 2011 at 08:21 PM

Same Batch Number with different characteristics value


Dear Gurus,

I have the following scenerio:

The finished goods should be maintain in batch with external number and at the time of confirming the finished goods in co11n the client want to capture the finished goods value like length, width and diameter.

So we propose the batch characteristics with class type of 022 for finished good and we maintain the character as length, width and diameter under the batch class 022 and assign the batch class in finished good classification view.

Now the requirement is we want to capture the batch characteristics value length width and diameter with same batch number for multiple confirmation.


Confirmation Batch number batch Class Length width Diameter

1 1000 022 100 50 20

2 1000 022 120 25 10

3 1000 022 150 70 30

Now at present we are trying to capture the batch characteristics with same batch number but our standard system will not allow to maintain the different batch characteristics value under same batch number. If we overrite the batch characteristics in msc2n transaction the last value maintained be copied to all batch number. but we want same batch number with different batch characteristics value.

Please share your idea and try to solve..