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Former Member
Apr 24, 2011 at 10:26 AM

Problem when doing cost planning for project - CJR2


Dear all,

I face a problem about cost planning in CJR2.

Currently I use 2 CO versions: version 0 and version X.

When doing the secondary cost planning for project by CJR2, version X, layout 1-702, I face an error:

"No activity type planning carried out for (sender cost center)/(activity type)"


"You want to use the (sender)cost center/activity type .... However, activity type planing for the fiscal year 2011 in the plan version 000 has not yet taken place for this combination."

But actually I plan for version X, not for version 000, and I already maintain the combination between cost center and activity type for version X (in KP26 - activity type/price planning).

Can anybody explain for me why it is happen? And how to solve this problem?

Any helpful answer is respected.