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Apr 23, 2011 at 07:52 PM

Logic for Navigational Attribute


Hi All,

Please help me to find out the solution

Input I have---

I have real time infocube (ZCUBSDID) with two Aggregation level created on it (ZALBSDID and ZALBVDID).

I have following information (at BEX analyzer level-report level-input ready functionality)---

The entries are possible for cost centers which do not belong to company FR02 and Profit Centers CH01, CO01, PA01, DIO0, LM01. Corresponding business areas are 61 and 62.


(1) I have to derive Business Area as a Navigational Attribute of Cost Center (currently it is Display attribute of Cost Center).

(2) I have to apply same logic for Business Area which already applied for Profit Center (Profit center is Navigational Attribute of Cost Center)

My Analysis and Modification--

By going on Info object level i found Business Area as Display Attribute of Cost Center so I made it as Navigational Attribute of Cost Center. Now i am able to see both Navigational Attributes (Profit Center and Business Area) in IP within Aggregation Level 2 (ZALBVDID). I did my analysis and found that there are filter and planning function created on the Aggregation Level.

My Next task is to apply same logic for Business Area as the logic is already for Profit Center.

Can anyone help me how to find out logic and how to implement same logic for Business Area and also let me know if i have to do more analysis.

Please reply me asap as there is time constraint to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance

Rupali Singh