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Apr 23, 2011 at 11:34 AM

Error : No receiver could be determined "NO_RECEIVER_CASE_ASYNC"


Dear friends

I am trying to send file in my unix server using ABAP Proxy to File scenario. I am receiving this error No receiver could be determined " NO_RECEIVER_CASE_ASYNC" in sxmb_moni.

What I am doing is :

In IR I have this objects developed and they are activated.

ℹī¸ Data type : dt_acc_create_st

element dt_acc_create_st ( complex type )

attribute: param : xsd:string type.

(ii) Message type : MT_ACCS_UNI

data type used: dt_acc_create_st

(iii) Service Interface :SI_ACCOUNT_CREAT

attributes: Outbound

interface pattern : stateless

Operational Pattern : Normal Operation

Mode : Asyncronous.

message type used: MT_ACCS_UNI


(iv) In SE80

Function module calls the abap proxy and triggers it with this code:

data: proxy_create_acc type ref to ZCO_SI_ACCOUNT_CREAT,
                lv_param_l type ZMT_ACCS_UNI,
                im_account type ZDT_ACC_CREATE_ST.

                im_account-param = im_param.
                lv_param_l-MT_ACCS_UNI = im_account.

               create object proxy_create_acc.
               CALL METHOD proxy_create_acc->si_account_creat
                               output = lv_param_l.
               commit work.

               CATCH cx_ai_system_fault.

In Integration Directory.

(v) Party : P_Unixsys

(vi) Communication component: BC_UNIXSYS_ACC_CREATE

Receivers : Inbout Interface <none>

communication channle : CC_UNIXSYS_ACC_CREATE

senders : Outbout Interface: si_account_creat

communication channle : <none>

(vii) Communication Channel : CC_UNIXSYS_ACC_CREATE

Adapter type: File

(X) Receiver.

Transport protocol: FTP

Message protocol: File

Adapter Engine: Central Adapter Engine

Target Directory: /var/EDPD/scripts

File name scheme: xi_output.dat

FTP Connection parameter:

Server: myFTPServer

port: 21

data connection: active

connection security: none

connection mode: paremently

transfer mode: text.

(iix) Reciever aggrement : <none> since I am using abap proxy to File I didnt use senders. do i need senders,, and mapping as well?

please reply me i have wittent everything what i m doing here. please reply me. your any help will be appreciated.