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Apr 23, 2011 at 09:51 AM

Mapping of element contains errors


Hi experts,

I was doing a complex mapping for creating a Sales Order (Items, ItemsX, ...)

Everything worked fine, I added 2 simple Types to the Data Type xsd file, redeployed and still worked.

Now all of a sudden I can't seem to map anymore, with a problem: "Mapping of element x contains errors".

When I start mapping, either I get an exception (and NullPointerExceptions) that he can't find the root element of my context anymore. Or I just save, and all my mappings dissapear and I get a screen like the screenshot bellow, with broken mappings.

All the failed mappings get the value "TaskOutput".

Another detail is, that when I delete all those broken mappings with the value "TaskOutput".. close and save, the broken mappings appear again.

Tried solving with: creating new .xsd file (same data), created new process, new UI component.

Screenshot of problem

Screenshot of illegalstate exception (I also get nullPointer sometimes)