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Apr 23, 2011 at 07:06 AM

Problem in barcode printing from SAP using VB.


hello all,

i have developed a program which will take parameters from the selection screen and will send to the LPT using the VB prog.

i have used the function WS_EXECUTE in my abap prog. the parameters are concatenated in bcode1 this..

call function 'WS_EXECUTE'
    commandline    = bcode1
    program        = 'c:\bprint\BPRINT.exe'
    inform         = ''
    frontend_error = 1
    no_batch       = 2
    prog_not_found = 3
    illegal_option = 4
    others         = 5.


my issue is ..... when i press execute button the values on the barcode is not printing what they are passed. means previous string values are printing instead of the current one.

i have used "free memory" after end-of selection event. Still problem is not solved.

is there any problem with WS_EXECUTE function.

can anybody suggest me the changes to be made.?