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Former Member
Apr 23, 2011 at 05:05 AM

AFAR test run showing the values but not posting in Real run.


Hi Friends,

i have an issue with AFAR recalculating the depreclation. The details are as below;

1. Asset value date is 15.07.2010. but ordinary dep. start date was set as 01.01.2010 manually by the user.

2. The Period control method 11, the dep. is calculated for entire year for acquisition.

3. we have already calculated depreciation from period 12 2010 to period 04, 2011.

4. Now, we have changed ordinary depreciation start date for 5 asset records from 01.01.2010 to 15.07.2010.

5. Therefore, we recalculated AFAR for these assets for 2010 and test run is showing the values for these 5 asset. The same was expected by the business.

6. When we execute the real run, it is not posting and no change in asset explorer for period 12, 2010 or in current period. No error message is available in spool / job log.

We have opened FI periods as well.

My question is that why the system calculating the values in test run and if it is calculated in test run, why it is not posting in update run?

As per the period control method, the depreciation should not recalculated for half year even we change the ordinary dep,start date from 1st Jan to 15th July.

I request you to clarify my doubt and help me to understand the error which is stoping the values in update run of AFAR.

Best Regards,