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Apr 23, 2011 at 04:11 AM

Parameter passing problem in query between web page and SAP xMII 12.0


Hi All,

I am using SAP xMII 12.0. I am facing problem in passing paramter and range (low, high) values to SAP xMII query.

In this I am using XacuteQuery as Query, XacuteConnector as server and Query as modes in setting up the query.

In module PPPI 1 project named PPPI_Test created, in which for getting process orders 1 transaction named ProcessOrderListNew_Query has been created. In that under Template Categories tab -> Transaction Details -> Mapped Param Targer 1 -- Mapped Param 32. Here I have written Transaction property name to which i need to pass dynamic value from Web Page. But in Param tab which values has to be passed? When I am hardcoding some default values, proper output is displayed, but here I have to pass values entered on WebPage.

Also tell me which values has to maintained here -- transaction named ProcessOrderList--> Transaction Properties --> MaterialRangeHigh --> Property Detail tab --> Value?? Similarlly for MaterialRangeLow, Date, Production plant and Order type.

Here Applets are used for interfacing.

Plase help me on this issue of passing parameter and range values dynamically to XacuteQuery of SAP xMII from WebPage.