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Apr 22, 2011 at 03:54 PM

IDOC Receiver Adapter, getting Lock Table Overflow to CRM System


Hello SDN!!!

This scenario is for PI to process a file and send to CRM via IDOC. The IDOCu2019s are only being created and not processed until later.

Problem: I am getting a Lock Table Overflow error in method IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS via sm58 in PI which points to the CRM box.

I have been searching many forums and every solution seems to indicate increasing the lock table, the problem with that solution is we are currently trying to create (not process yet) 80000 IDOCu2019s. This would allocate too much for the lock table.

So my question is this, Shouldnu2019t the lock be released when the IDOC gets created or none the less when a packet of IDOCu2019s via content management (breaking up the file in 1000 increments) finish. The lock table in CRM keeps increasing until all rows from the file, sent via IDOC adapter in 80 messages with 1000 IDOCu2019s per messagein the table are complete (80 separate messages in sxmb_moni).


IDOC was imported, changed to include unbounded and reimported.

Content Management breaks the file into 80 different segments, thus creating 80 distinct mappings with distinct MessageIdu2019s.

80 IDOC packets are sent to CRM, via IDOC adapter and sm58.

TCODE sm12 in CRM shows the table to keep growing and locks not released until full message is complete.

Any help would be appreciated 😊