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Apr 22, 2011 at 04:11 AM

You are not a receiver of the work item in ESS Leave



We are using standard ESS leave application in our portal, where employee can raise leave and his manager can approve/reject his leave. But I want in case manager rejects the leave, the rejected leave should not come into MSS UWL of employee, we will send a mail to employee and he can again login to ESS leave application and where he will see the rejected leave and he can re apply/change/delete the rejected leave. We do not want rejected leave to come in UWL of employee as a work item.

As of now when manager rejects the leave rejected leave of an employee , it is coming in UWL of the employee which we do not want, so what we did, we went to standard leave work flow template WS12300111, in that we double clicked on Task (TS12300116, Process Request by Employee) and in that we clicked on agent assignment icon and than we clicked on attribute and we selected General forwarding not allowed radio button, by default general task radio button was selected.

After selecting General forwarding not allowed radio button, even when manager rejects employee leave, rejected leave is not coming in UWL of employee which we want exactly, but another error is coming when employee goes to ESS leave application again and change or delete this rejected leave he is getting the error You are not a receiver of the work item .

But if we select general task radio button in agent assignment in work flow , than eveything is working fine but employee is getting rejected leave in his UWL, that we do not want at all, so why after selecting different radio button this error is coming ?

Why employee is getting this error, why employee can not reapply/change his rejected leave. Is this portal error OR workflow error OR HR configuration error and what is the solution for this..