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Apr 22, 2011 at 02:51 AM

Problems about How to Merge the Masthead and the Tool Area?


I have been struggling for many weeks about how to add the ToolArea into the Masthead. Can someone please help me?

I followed with the tutorial :[How to Merge the Masthead and the Tool Area|]

I followed every steps mentioned in the tutorial but end up with these:

1. In this tutorial there is a word:Just before the link table is ended, add another row for the tool area. Unfortunately I am not familiar with JSP so can anybody please tell me the accurate inserting location of this code.

2. Besides I find there are some faults in this tutorial and It is non't very complete.

For example the author have non't refer to two jar:

I have copyed the (, the standard par files and paste these JAR files in the PORTAL-INF / lib folder in the NWDS.

who can tell me there are additional faults or complements about this tutorial?

Please suggest.

Best Regards