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Locking with Process in Packages

I have a planning sequence which is set up properly in a process chain. FISCYEAR is one of the filter values. Unfortunately the amount of data being pulled is substantially large. To bring this down to a manageable size I want to use "Process in packages" in the process chain variant setting. One of the proposed values I'm able to draw on is FISCPER3. This should be able to break my data volumes down into at least 12 manageable pieces. At least thats the theory. Note that FISCPER3 is not in the filter criteria but naturally is in the Agg level.

I have the processing package size set to 4, indicating I will process 4 FISCPER3 values at a time, and I've made my parallel processing setting equal to 3. This should mean I will process all my posting periods in a parallel pass of 3 jobs each running 4 months.

The pain comes in when I'm receiving lock errors on the userid running the sequence. It's as if the parallel jobs are locking each other somehow. But how ?. The FISCPER3 items shouldn't be overlaping since they are controlled by the parallel job controller and FISCPER3 isn't in the filter driving the planning sequence. No one else is in the system, no queirys open, the only item working is this portion of the process chain.

To add to the frustration, some blocks process fine, while others lock. I have other sequences running but on different fiscal years. They are all mutally exclusive, double and triple checked.

Have I misunderstood or misaligned the settings for this processing variant somehow ? The planning function being run is FOX not that would make much of a difference.

Thanks for any suggestions on this one.

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    Posted on Apr 29, 2011 at 01:58 PM


    did you check in the lock server about the error messages?

    Maybe 0fiscper3 is not included as a lock-characteristic?

    Go to rsplan / lock server or rspls_enqueue_info and chek the settings of lock characteristics for your cube and after you run your chain again check the lock-errors.

    best regards,


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