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Apr 21, 2011 at 10:55 PM



Hello everyone,

I've been following the note 504692 and created the report ZZUZEST_TEST_CHECKIN2 passing on a document number I created beforehand (and for which I also uploaded an attachment in the category).

When the BAPI BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL2 is executed, it returns a table of files: lt_documentfiles.

However when it executes:

open dataset lt_documentfiles-docfile for input in BINARY MODE or

open dataset lt_documentfiles-docfile for input in text mode encode utf-8

it returns a file not found error (but the file is correctly visible from within CV03N).

Where could the problem be?

I'm trying to set up this simple scenario because I then want to implement a file upload into DMS from WebDynpro. But I'd like to have this working first.

Thank you.