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Apr 21, 2011 at 04:32 PM

/SAPAPO/AM_ALERT table has over 2 million entries



We are currently scheduling a deletion program SAPAPO/AMON_REORG on a regular basis included in our process chain ABAP process type for database alert deletion. The next step after this is execution of Macros. The Variant for this program has type SD (APO Demand and Supply) and the Day interval is empty.

Currently our process chain has failed with a short dump, which relates to "No Space to increase Internal table" , BASIS intervened and they say that the Memory parameters are fine and set up according to Standards.

However when I saw the SAPAPO/AM_ALERT database table it has over 2million entries.

Question 1: I would like to find if the database alerts are actually getting deleted ? is there a way to confirm this

Question 2 : How do I avoid this Memory relevant short dump, are there any settings needed for config or Indexing on the relevant Tables ?