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Apr 21, 2011 at 03:11 PM

How to suppress part of field which is using a formula in Version XI?



I have a crystal report that has 3 groups by (header #1,#2,# 3) and one detail then of course the group footers. On the detail I return things like , Invdate,invNum,amount ,custNum,and description. Now

1- The description field is a formula where I return two things let's A or B based on this logic here if the invNum is = C then return A else I return B and

2- the invNum also if a formula where I am returning either let's say 1 or 2 based on this logic here if 1=1 then return 1 else 2

3- the group header #3 is by the description field,group footer #3 i have a subtotal

4- now the details is returning invNum,date,descrp,amount but sometimes the date,invNum,descr and amount will be comming back duplicated. How can I only suppress that information and only return one line . The info that's duplicated is when the formula of the InvNum is returning the 2. I only want to display that once, if I had it on the group footer it would have worked but i need the other info the detail section.

Hope this make sense and any suggestion would be appreciated. I have already tried suppress if duplicated but that's not working because the amount is not always dupl and remember I only want to suppress the dup where the description field returend B and invNum refurned 2