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Apr 21, 2011 at 02:34 PM

SQVI - Need Outer Join for License table KNVL with KNA1


Hello All,

I am trying to run a Quickview SQVI tcode for the following tables: KNA1, KNVL (license table) and KNVI (tax classification table).

I am trying to do an OUTER join between KNA1 and KNVL to return ALL customers from KNA1 that may OR may not

have a license record in table KNVL.

If I do a regular join between all 3 of these tables, I return only the 43 customers that DO have licenses. I want

a list of all customers I select from KNA1 - and display the 43 customers that have a license in KNVL as well as

the customers that do not.

I believe a outer join is used when you want to show entries in 1 table that are not in a second table?

Thank you -


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