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Apr 21, 2011 at 05:58 AM

Production Order scheduling understanding


I have an order where Basic start date is 30.03.2011 , Basic finish date is 12.04.2011.

Scheduled start & finish dates are 08.04.2011.

Scheduling is backward scheduling

In house production time is 9 days

Float before production is 8 days.

Saturday & Sunday are holidays

Order creation & backward scheduling was done on 29.03.2011 keeping Basic finish date as 12.04.201. we got scheduled start & finish dates as 08.04.2011. & Reduction level 1.

Question :1) Why is the scheduled finish date 08.04.2011 instead of 11.04.2011. There is no float after scheduling.

2) Why was reduction applied ? (Reduction level 1 = 33%)

One more finding : There are many such cases where Orders with basic end date on Tuesday tend to push schd end date to

Friday rather than Monday. What could be the reasons ?