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Former Member
Oct 21, 2004 at 02:03 PM

SMART FORMS: Frame Border of a Table in whole Window


Hello there.

The situation:

I have a table in the main window which is filled via an loop over an internal table.

I don´t know the exact point of start from the table because before printing the table I print dynamic texts which can have different length.

The frame of the table should end everytime at the end of the main window. If I have more than one page the first page is correct but the frame ends with the last position. But the frame should end at the end of the main window.

The minimum length does not help because the main window is on the first page shorter than on the following pages.

Can I use the footer of the table in this case? Do you have any idea?

I can´t imagine that SAP have no solution in this case.