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Apr 20, 2011 at 07:53 PM

Link of material movement with inspection type


Hello Masters,

I have scenario where component at shop floor will be segregated for inspection. The requirement is to do result/defect recording for those parts and if required then those parts need to be scrapped. So one way of doing that can be to move those parts to either blocked stock or QI stock (ideal option) or to specific storage location so that planning can be taken care of (if material are still in unrestricted then planning will consider those part as OK part and planning may fail). And to record result/defect we require inspection lot, which can be created by using above mentioned material movement.

But problem is how to create inspection lot so that we can do result/defect recording for those materials and scrap those material.

Please note that material master will have QM setup active (inspection type 01 - Goods Receipt Insp. for Purchase Order) and hence we can move material from unrestricted stock to QI stock only through QM.

I am not sure if we should use inspection type 08 - Stock transfer inspection, as there can be many instances of material transfer within plant. And with inspection type 08 active, system will create inspection lot every time there is any material transfer.

One way can be to create new goods movement only for this kind of transfer and new inspection type and link both together. So that when ever material is transferred using that particular goods movement, system creates inspection lot as well as material will be in QI stock. But I am not sure how this is possible or not and if yes then how this can be done.

I know query was too long to read and I think I was clear enough to explain what the requirement is.

It would be great if I can get some guidance from you masters at the earliest convenience as it is bit of importance.

Thanks and regards,