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MSS - Manager unable to see employee's absences on team calendar

Hello Experts,

I have a manager (SA) that logs into the SAP portal, navigates to the Manager Self Service tab to view his team calendar. He is able to see all his employee's name on the team calendar, however the employee's absences (IT 2001) are not showing up. This manager (SA) has the same security roles as many other managers that are able to see thier employee's absence on their team calendars. I have confirmed that his employees have entered leave requests and are present on their IT 2001, viewable through PA20. I'm out of ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem. Security tells me it's not a security issue and SAP support tells me it's a configuation issue, however based on configuration, nothing looks wrong, else all manager in the rule group would have this problem. What am I missing? Am I making bad assumptions on what the MSS team calendar is looking at to pull the absences through to display?

- Does the MSS team calendar look at the employee's IT 2001?

- If yes, what controls the ability of the manager to see that information?

- If no, what is the team calendar looking at to determine where to mark the absence on the calendar?

- Do we need to specify access to IT 2001 in our MSS role? If yes, then I can't explain why other managers with the same roles can see their employee's absences.

I'm out of ideas on what to look at...any suggestions?


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5 Answers

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    Apr 21, 2011 at 02:17 PM

    first of all you can deactivate the authorisation check for the managers to see the It2001.

    under V_PTARQ_TPROCESS for the rule group managers belongs to

    2.'Managers: Deactivate ESS Authorization Check'

    Now then ensure all the absences are configured in V_t554s_web

    if he can see his employees then no issues with OADP.

    Please verify this and let us know

    Also managers does need authorisation to see the details !

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    • Thank you Siddharth, this helps explain why I have other managers in the rule group that can see IT 2001. In V_PTARQ_TPROCESS, we do have the IT2001/2002 Authorization Check box checked for Managers: Deactivate Authorization Check. If I understand the definition, if the box is checked, we do not have to specify IT2001 access in a security role. Is that correct? Also we are not concerned with details about the absence, only that the blue square appears on the team calendar for an employee indicating to the manager the employee will be absent on that day. This rule group does not require any approval.

      Currently we have only 1 absence type configured in the system, Vacation/Holiday IT2001, subtype 2000, and it is set up in V_t554s_web. I set that up myself.


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    Apr 20, 2011 at 10:53 PM

    check oadp config for team calendar .... org view the std one is mss_ltv_ee I think,..

    then the next step would be to chk the webmo feature and processing processes for the rule group relevant to the manager in question..

    if the above 2 are fine and you eliminate all possibility of an error there then

    go check the security roles attached to the manager to ensure he/she has authorisation for it2001,.. another simple test to check this would be to log in as ess user reporting to this manager send a leave request and then log in as this manager and check to see if he/she can approve the leave request or not,..


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  • Apr 21, 2011 at 03:01 PM

    You need to configure the absences which employees have requested ie in table V_t554s_web

    Now then regarding deactivate the auth check you are correct

    Deactivate MSS Authorization Check

    Specifies whether the system checks a manager's read authorization for the Absences (2001) and Attendances (2002) infotypes when he or she uses the Leave Request or Team Calendar web application.


    Select this field if you do not want the system to check the user's authorization for displaying absences in the team calendar.

    So in your case you should the bar graph for the absences if they have requested it!

    you can do one more test you can assign sap_all to this manager and see does he sees the absences?

    and ensure customisation is done in the table ie all subtypes requested by the employees are in table !

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    • This absence is already configured in V_t554s_web for this rule group. That's why I have many other managers in the same rule group with the ability to see this specific absence type. I even looked at the user's User Display parameters to see if there was something configured differently there, however it's the same as the other managers.

      Our security team has adamently said it's not security because this would be affecting all the other managers as well, plus the fact that the V_PTARQ_TPROCESS table is configured to Deactivate MSS and ESS authorization check, leads me to believe it's not security related. According to our security expert putting sap_all on his userid with IT2001, all subtypes wouldn't change a thing.

      As a test, I had the manager enter a leave request (vacation) in ESS. Strangely, on his ESS team calendar, his absences do appear while his employee's do not. It's like the portal ESS or MSS can't see the IT2001 or it's looking in the wrong place. Again this is isolated to this manager.

      I'm wondering if something is corrupt with his userid or position in the Org structure. Is the next step to get someone to put this in debug in production and find out specifically what the program is doing to exclude these absences? Can anyone give me a program name to start with?

  • Apr 22, 2011 at 02:59 PM

    Usually the managers should be able to see the absences,

    You can check here for the absences

    FM here






    data was anonymised, if the absences was not intended for managers.


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  • Aug 15, 2011 at 07:52 PM

    After several months of perseverance, SAP suppport finally found the programming error and created SAP note 1620547 - ESS LEA: TeamView does not show absence/attendance records. This matter is now resolved.

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