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Apr 20, 2011 at 02:07 PM

calculate % on manual running total??


I have a three part manual running total that prints the final value in the report footer. That total is based on groups of cities and time spent by each city on a project. I'm trying to calculate the percentage of time they spent on the total project in each cities group footer. So, of course (citytime % totalprojecttime). However, since it's a manual running total it's calculating based on the time up until that point, so the first city is always at 100% because the manual running total and time spent by that city is always equal. Then the next percentage is only based on the first two cities total divided by that current city, etc. so that the only city that actually has a correct percentage is the last one because it's finally calculated the totals at that point.

I've tried various printing states (evaluate after, etc) but those aren't going to work because the total isn't done until the end. Without doing a subreport, is there anyway to calculate that properly?