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Apr 20, 2011 at 01:42 PM

Simple list of HR openings via webdynpro



I'm not an SAP developer myself, but I've worked closely with SAP in the past. Currently, I am working with a company that is posting job openings via the SAP e-recruiting/webdynpro application. We are tasked with basically scraping and processing the job openings that are displayed and I am having trouble automatically retrieving the information from that page.

As seems to be standard (based on searches, this seems to be a common job search page), the page is of the format:


Typically, this page presents a search page with several options and a submit button. When clicked, it takes the user to another page with a page of results. That page seems to work through a series of Ajax postbacks and contextual ID's that need to be tracked and makes the scraping extremely complicated. Getting to just a simple list of available jobs involves a lot of juggling and requests, and then getting from a job entry in the list to the job itself requires more hurdles.

I'm just trying to find out from an SAP expert if there are any other standard hrrcf applications that exist in SAP that will simply list out the various jobs without having to do this complicated search. My best case would be if there was a page that simply dumped out a bunch of XML/JSON as a list, something like:

/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hrrcf_post_lst (or whatever)

As I said, I've been working with the other company but they don't seem to understand or be able to contact the correct people internally who can help, so I'm trying to reach out to this forum to see if someone else can give me more information I can take back to them. Any help would be appreciated, including brainstorming about other possible options. We have several clients asking us to scrape their SAP sites which are set up exactly the same, so a general solution would be great.



ps if this is not the right forum, please let me know.