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Apr 20, 2011 at 01:39 PM

How to change the login process



I've set up an Ecommerce 7.0 application with a B2B config. All is running an ok.

I want to change the login process. We have userid's like 000005999999. In the LoginAction, i want to add this zeros before the id automatically so that the user can login with 5999999.

My problem is that i don't find the Action which is performed after login.

The form in the login.jsp looks like this:

(Sorry i couln't post that code normally because SAP means thats cross site scripting. Remove spaces, then i looks normally)

for /user/login there should be a forward at config.xml...but it isn't. No entry at config.xml and no entry at config_user.xml.

Which Action is performed if i press the login button on login.jsp? Can someone help me please?

Where can i change this Action to a Z_Action ?

I think its the but where is it called? Where can i change the call to the Z_ class?

For b2c it will be easy to find the LoginAction...there its defined in the config.xml... but at b2b... i really do not understand how that is working. Please help me with that problem.

Thanks and best regards,


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