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Apr 20, 2011 at 01:23 PM

mapping, digital signature and storage of sales invoices



For customeru2019s that have requested us to send them electronic invoices, we currently generate idocs from our R/3 system. Idocs are transferred to an external provider's software that maps the idocs into standard formats as INVOIC_D93_A (the requested format depends on the customer) and adds a digital signature to the files. In that way, customer can verify authenticity of origin and integrity of contents.

Currently we are still in 4.6C release, but we will migrate into SAP ECC 6.00. We would like to integrate in Sap the whole EDI process (mapping of files into format requested by the customer, setting digital signature, transferring of files to the customer using the requested protocol, and storage of invoices during the legal period).

I have checked in Sap forums but Sap possibilities are not enough clear for me. According to what I have found, we would need to have NetWeaver platform as it provides Secure Store & Forward (SSF) mechanisms. I have also found procedures about signing pdfu2019s, but nothing about signing standard formats for flat files (invoic, xmlu2026).

My main Main questions are:

1 - Sap software: In addition to SAP NetWeaver PI , which additional components are necessary for covering the EDI process?

2 - Mapping of files: Can Sap convert idocs into different standard formats depending on the customer? All international standard formats are covered? For example: INVOIC_D93_A. Signed pdf by mail is also covered?

3 - Transfer of files: Can Sap transfer the files to the customeru2019s systems by different protocols? Normally the transfer protocol is defined by the customer. Or transfer of files must be done since our network, outside sap?

4 - Storage of the files during the legally mandatory period: Is Sap able of storing invoices in the application server or do we need additional software?

If someone has experience or knowledge in covering the whole EDI process whithin Sap, any comment would be very appreciated

Thanks and best regards,