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Apr 20, 2011 at 12:33 PM

FI Report from FAGLFLEXT


Iam trying to develop an FI report through report painter. I need to combine cost elelements and cost centers for each category, The report will be similar to COPA but reading from Cost elements and cost centers and not value fileds. Like salaries Finance, Salaries Sales... etc. I used tcode FGI4 to create form "FAGLFLEX reporting for table FAGLFLEXT" and I used FGI1 to create report .I selected the cost elements, record type and cost center. Unfortunately, the report did not give me the desired cost, as you know in cost center there is cost from primary posting and another cost from order settlement , so my developed report gave me the primary cost only. There is no option in report characters to select order. Any one with good knowledge in report patinter to help?


Ahmed Zain