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Oct 21, 2004 at 07:27 AM

Basic Authentication with IISProxy?



is the IISProxy the appropriate tool for tunneling http-requests to http-servers behind a firewall (reverse proxy)?

i made it work with ep60. but accessing other http-servers with own mappings (for example <i>/tomcat/</i> directs to a tomcat server) fails.

problems I'm facing:

1. basic authentication is not transmitted to the http-server (e.g. tomcat). the logon-box pops up, but the data doesn't seem to be transmitted through IIsProxy.

2. URLs created from other servers don't know that the IISProxy requires a special filter-string (again <i>/tomcat/</i>) when they create absolute links.

are there other / better reverse proxys (apache?) that can handle these things?

kr, achim

ps: what about the filter-element attributes <i>authentication="normal" remote-address="skip"</i>?

i haven't found any documentation about them, but they look like to be configured... 😉

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