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Apr 20, 2011 at 08:10 AM

Post SP3 webi issues.


I have recently, upgraded to BO XI R3.1 SP3 from R3.1. This installation was an additional upgrade to an existing product.

I need to confirm if, the below mentioned features are available after SP3 upgrade or any FP or new SP is required?

A. Webi - Query Stripping (I was trying to locate this feature but could not. Is it only available for OLAP database users? I went to Query/Document properties in Infoview/Rich Client to confirm on this feature).

B. Webi - Graphs Auto scale of Y-Axis (excluding Pie Chart)?

C. Webi - Controlling Auto-merge Dimensions?

D. Webi u2013 Drilling on Merged Dimensions?

E. Webi - Personal Data Provider refresh?

F. Webi - SAP Solution Manager diagnostic tool?

G. Webi - Ranking by dimension with the Where operator?

H. HTML interpretation tag u201C<a></a>u201D is now supported?

I. Webi u2013 Standard Windows Control?

J. Webi - Query on Query?

K. Webi - Fold and Unfold feature?

L. Webi - Query Filter on QaaWS and LiveOffice?

M. Webi - Customize WebI functions with Extension Points?

Please help.