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Oct 20, 2004 at 05:50 PM

Backups - Timing Between R/3 & BW Relative to Logistics Extracts


Hello Experts,

We have been going through a service pack install and plug-in upgrade on the R/3 side. Our basis team was planning back up schedules between BW and R/3 that, in my opinion, would not work due to the 'clone' point being different in regards to Logistics Extraction (LBWQ & RSA7 queues would not be in sync with last extraction to BW) because of the queues and clearing them for this exercise (they wanted to backup prior to the queue clearing, but on rollback BW would then have records that R/3 would not). I voiced concern that we had to back up in sync in order to ensure 100% rollback ability... this then sparked debate on daily back ups having the same issue.

I have done a brief search on to try to find information on this, however, all the information I have found so far is relative to either LO Extraction or BW but not to backups relative to both R/3 and BW.

I was wondering what others of you out there are doing to ensure logistics extractions will be in sync between R/3 & BW for backups and how the back ups are being executed (timing, 'hot' or 'cold' etc...) to avoid the potential for a 're-init' of logistics in the event of the need to recover from a disaster via restoring recent backups. Also, if anyone knows of documents concerning this specific issue that I can refer our basis team to.

Your time and input are appreciated.

Best Regards,

Wendy Krause