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Apr 20, 2011 at 04:56 AM

Asset takeover date and asset split


Hi All,

I have an asset X with NBV of say 2000 (APC 5000 and Acc Dep 3000). This is currently available in system as one single asset.

The problem is u2013 above asset is in fact a sum of many small assets for which useful life is different and NBV is different (we are tracking it outside SAP as of now)

Say Asset 1..with APC of 300, Acc Dep as 200 and NBV of 100 u2026total useful life is 10 yrs and remaining useful life is 2 yrs

Asset 2..with APC of 400, Acc Dep as 250 and NBV of 150 u2026total useful life is 10 yrs and remaining useful life is 4 yrs

Similarly I have different assets which add up to asset X as mentioned above.

Asset take over date is 31.12.2009 (We follow Jan to Dec year). We have gone live in mid 2010.

I would like to bring those assets into Sap now. I mean make the adjustments now u2013 split the asset X to different assets. (We did not calculate dep for asset X until now from go u2013 live).

We want to the calculate dep for newly created small assets from month May, 2011.

Could someone help me with the correct process to be followed.

One option I am thing about is u2013

1) Scrap the asset X (40 posting key will be posted to u2018asset disposal accountu2019 (P&L Account))

2) Make co code status to u20182u2019 and make changes to take over date.

3) Create new assets (in AS91) for all small assets with their useful life (Say for asset 1 u2013 I will keep total useful life as 10 yrs and remaining useful life as 2 yrs

4) In takeover values in AS91 u2013 I will put APC as 300 and Acc Dep as 200 for asset 1.

5) Make an entry through OASV for total APC, Acc Dep and remaining value to u2018asset disposal accountu2019 (P&L Account u2013 which is posted in point 1)

6) Put the co code back to active status u20180u2019.

My Questions u2013

1) Can I follow above method or is there any other easy way?

2) What should be the takeover date? Is it 31.12.2010?

3) Should I change the takeover date back to 31.12.2009 after my transactions are complete or can I leave it as 31.12.2010? Its affects.

4) In OASV can I make posting to u2018asset disposal accountu2019 which is a P&L account? (System might ask for cost center which I thought I can provide it in OKB9).

5) Will the above process effect my current assets in SAP? I mean I do not want to spoil the current set up in system.

Thanks in advance for the patient reading and providing solution.