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Apr 20, 2011 at 03:14 AM

Difference between the folder sturctures under global/xi


Hi experts,

We have two PI 7.11 systems now. One is DEV and the other one is QAS. On the server folder <SID>/SYS/global/xi, i found they have different folders under the 2 systems.

For the DEV system, there are folders 'repository_server' and 'directory_server'. But for QAS system, there is no folder 'repository_server' but a new folder called 'runtime_server'.

In addition above dfference, there is difference between JNLP files. For DEV's jnlp file, the URL is http://host:port/rep. But for the QAS's jnlp file, the URL is http://host:port/run.

I can start IB and ID successfully on DEV system, but failed on QAS system. JWS throw exception like unable to load resource from http://host:port/run/repository

Can anyone tell me why the differences for these 2 systems. The 2 systems were installed for the same project. Thanks in advance.