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Header Mapping in Integrated Configuration not working as expected

Dec 13, 2016 at 04:10 PM


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Recently I have encountered an issue (or at least I consider it an issue) with Header Mapping in Integrated Configurationi in IDoc to IDoc scenario. I have changed value of Sender Communication Component to constant value QWERTY.

What I expected as an outcome was changed value of EDI_DC40-SNDPRN field in receiver system. However the outcome of that operation was... nothing. The content of the message was not changed, message went throught without any issues... simply nothing happened.

According to the documentation that function should work:

In my scenario I use IDoc_AAE adapter.

I'm aware that I can achieve the same in some other way i.e. by using IDoc Control Headers in CC configuration I'm convinced that the Header Mapping should work and I'm missing something.

The questions are:

Should Header Mapping work as I expected or I simply understood it incorrectly?

If it is should work as described what am I missing here?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Manoj K Dec 13, 2016 at 04:38 PM


You need to create a business component/business system with name QWERTY and mention "TESTVALUE" in it and then use that component in Header mapping.



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Hi Manoj,

Thank you for your answer. I know it would work with BC/BS - however because of the documentation (I'm referring to the following fragment) I still believe/hope there should be an option to simply overwrite value of SNDPRN field in EDI_DC40 without the hassle of creating dedicated BC/BS.

If you want to replace the internal name of a sender business system in the outbound message with a neutral name of a party and communication component, specify the fields for Sender Communication Party and Sender Communication Component in the header mapping. You can also specify the Receiver Communication Party and Receiver Communication Component of the receiving business partner.

As I understand your answer such thing as replacing SNDPRN with constant (dummy) value defined in Sender Communication Component is simply not possible, correct?

Bartosz Ziólkowski

Hello Bartosz,

  • We usually use header mapping in B2B scenarios where you want to mask the actual sender system.
  • When having an PI to PI interface to match the header values in both PI system.
  • When used with IDOC adapter to replace the actual sender component with Logical system name .

So yes , replacing SNDPRN with constant (dummy) value defined in Sender Communication Component is simply not possible,




Hi Manoj,

I feel little disappointed but nevertheless thank you very much for saving me time I wanted to spend on further investigating that problem.