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Apr 19, 2011 at 08:08 PM

Add depreciation area to old assets (revaluation area)


Hi guys,

I've created a new depreciation area for setting revaluation of assets. This new dep area only contains revaluation of assets (we'll only have revaluation and depreciation of this revaluation in this new area), so I've configured it to manage only revaluation values. Acquisition values are not allowed.

In OABC i've put "00" in the area where this new area takes values from, due to i don't want thhis new area to copy acquisitions values from area 01.

I've made the rest of the configuration also, to support revaluation transactions (mov 800) in this new area. But, I've got 2 problems now:

1. The new area i configured is missing when creating a new asset in AS01. However, when using AS91 the new area shows up. Any idea of why this happens that way?

2. I cannot add the new area in old assets. When using AFBN a message appears: "Depreciation area 20, which you want to create as a new depreciation area in chart of depreciation PVPE, has no depreciation area defined for value takeover. This may be be correct for normal operation, however for the purposes of creating a new depreciation in the productive system, you have to enter a depreciation area whose values are used as base values for the new area."

Message makes sense, because my new area is not copying values from any area (in tcode OABC i defined 00 as dep area source). The question is.. is there any additional tcode where i can add the new depreciation area to old assets?

Thanks in advance.