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Oct 20, 2004 at 12:57 PM

ITS Stylesheets



I am currently trying to make some changes to the theme used for displaying IACs via ITS.

We are on EP6 SP2 and ITS 610.

I have tried to generate a stylesheet via the ITS-Theme-Generator. We do have a custom theme for the portal which I used for generating the ITS-Theme.

Unfortunately that didn't help.

So I had a look into the coding produced by the portal when calling an IAC. The referenced stylesheets "[customer]/webgui/wa/webgui/style/generator.css" and "[customer]/webgui/wa/webgui/style/msiexplorer/d_generator.css" did contain the classes I was looking for and I like to change, for example ".WebguiBody" and so on.

Is there any way of editing these styles from within the portal or do I have to edit the files manually?

The classes generated by the ITS-Theme-Generator all start with ".SI*". Where are those used? The classes I am looking for and which are used by the IACs are all starting with "Web".