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Oct 20, 2004 at 12:36 PM

Stumped! Need to link a Windows shared drive.


EP6 SP2 P3 HF7 on a Win2k box. MSADS/NTLM for Auth.

Situation is this: Goal is to eliminate our need for our Citrix Server. To do this I need to make Iviews to view and browse a shared drive on a Windows Domain Controller.

What I have done: On the portal box I have IIS installed. I have created a virtual folder that points to that share. The iview I created points to the URL/directory of the portal itself.

My Problem: In the world of Windows IIS you must connect to the share using a preset user name and password. When the link is made the iview request user name and password. I expect that with the MS security patch not allowing authentication via URL. The user can log in to the share and the directory listing shows. The problem comes with access rights. The rights are coming from the user name and password that was defined in IIS and not the user name and password that the user just typed in. So if I have a VP looking for reports in an account folder, he can’t get in. If I raise the rights on IIS, I have a security issue.

What I need: Is there a work a round for this? I am restricted in that I can not put IIS on the DC I am trying to connect to, so web folders are out.

Is there a way in the portal to do this that I just can’t see or just don’t know about yet. I still consider my self a noob at this.

Thank you in advance.