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Apr 19, 2011 at 12:44 PM

CCMSPING communication error: Cannot access message server



We are trying to set up availability monitoring with CCMSPING agent for several satellite systems.

Therefore we installed the CCMSPING agent centrally on the Server of SAP Solution Manager (OS: Windows).

Now we have several SAP satellite systems on Unix that we access via SAP Router.

The RFC connection via SM59 from SAP Solution Manager to the satellite system works and looks as follows:

RFC-connection with SAP Router: /H/saprout1/H/

The CCMSPING entry within RZ21 looks as follows:

Connection Data and Monitoring options:

Message server host name:

IP Service Name: sapms<sid>

Router String: /H/saprout1/H/

When we test the connection via Test Ping we get the following error:

CCMSPING: Test Results

Available Systems - CCMSPING call successful

Failed CCMSPING Calls

<sid> CCMSPING.solmanserver.00

CCMSPING communication error: Cannot access message server

The content of the file dev_ccmsping looks as follows:

Tue Apr 19 12:26:00 2011

*** ERROR => NiBufIProcMsg: hdl 1 received rc=-94 (NIEROUT_PERM_DENIED) from peer [nibuf.cpp 2125]

*** ERROR => MsINiWrite: NiBufSend (rc=NIEROUT_PERM_DENIED) [msxxi.c 2480]

*** ERROR => MsIAttachEx: MsINiWrite (rc=NIEROUT_PERM_DENIED) [msxxi.c 734]

*** ERROR => LgIAttach: MsAttach (rc=NIEROUT_PERM_DENIED) [lgxx.c 3980]

*** ERROR => comp. = NI (network interface), rc = -94 [alxxping.c 327]

We also add the IP adress of the satellite system into the file "hosts" and the service sapms<sid> with the port 36<xx> into the file "services" on the server of SAP Solution Manager.

Any helpful information will be very appreciated!

Thank you